Do You Need to Podcast?


Image Copyright Rosemary Jayne

Podcasting is just an audio form of blogging, isn’t it? Perhaps, but you can also use podcasting as a form of advertisement for your blog.

Podcast: “a multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.”

What does this mean? Well this means your podcast can be audio, or video. Audio can involve simply you talking to your audience, you interviewing someone or even singing. Video can be a video, again, of yourself, or you interviewing someone, or it could be a screencast. What is a screencast? It’s where you record the screen of your computer and then the audience can see what you’ve done. This works pretty well for things such as Photoshop tutorials or how-tos.

What are the advantages of a podcast? Well as I already mentioned it could be an advertisement for your blog. You can distribute your podcast for free through iTunes which means you’re put straight into a directory of content that your audience or potential audience is searching. This also helps you to be everywhere which is something recommended by most professionals. You can also use podcasting to simply expand your blog – to offer your audience another way of receiving your content.

What I do not recommend doing is simply recording yourself reading your blog posts out loud and then issuing that as a podcast – unless you have a readership that demands it (such as products to make life as a partially sighted person easier, or a blog aimed at people who don’t have much/any free time). What you might be better off doing is something similar to the MacWorld Podcast, they sum up the events of the week and then discuss the most important ones in more detail – but make sure you have something to attract both your regular blog readers and new audiences to your blog.

What’s the difference between a video podcast and a YouTube video? In my opinion there is no difference, in fact if I were producing a video podcast I would publish it on both iTunes and YouTube – YouTube is very like iTunes in that you’re put straight into a database of content that your audience is already using, but different people use the two differently. The advantage of iTunes Podcasts is that the user can download the episodes easily and take them with them. The advantage of YouTube is that you don’t have to download anything – you just watch.

So have a think, come up with some ideas and go start your own podcast right now!


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