Holiday Blogging: What Will You Do?

It’s nearly Christmas – in fact it snowed here last night! But this leaves you with a question: what are you going to do with your blog? You have 4 options, which of these options you choose will depend entirely on you, your niche and your readership.

  • Keep posting like normal.
  • Stop posting altogether.
  • Post less.
  • Post more.

Keep posting like normal. If you’ve got the time, or the posts already written, then you can keep posting as per normal.

Stop posting altogether. Want a holiday? Can’t be bothered? Too busy? Feel free to stop posting, do let your readers know when normal service will resume and consider scheduling some posts in advance to keep them going if you’ll be away for over a week.

Post less. This is what I’ll be doing, I know that my readers (hey guys!) won’t be around as much over Christmas, so I’ll post less to keep pace with them. I’m also going to be spending approximately 40-50 hours travelling in a 2 week space and will want some time to relax!

Post more. This works better for some blogs than others – for example a blog about your family would probably benefit from posts of the kids opening their Christmas presents, having a wrapping paper fight (like snowballs, but warmer and drier), etc.

What are your readers going to do? Well if you stop posting they’ll have to live with it. But if you know that the majority of your readership will be busy/not bothering to check your blog for updates then it will be demotivating to put up a post and see little to no view or comments. So, what will you do?


4 Comments on “Holiday Blogging: What Will You Do?”

  1. Hi Rosemary – I found your site via a ProBlogger comment.

    This post was useful for me. The other day I sent a guest post to a blogging friend, and he responded, “hey, cool, mind if I post this in January, my blog is going on vacation for the holidays”. First time I’ve thought of it :- ) But… I fall in to the camp of “continuing business as usual”.


    • Hey Michael! Thanks for telling me how you found my site šŸ™‚

      I know a lot of sites, even the big ones like Copyblogger, slow down posting over the holidays. I’m not surprised your friend will be taking a holiday – most people will be!

      I’ll check out your website in more depth later but it looks interesting šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks. See you around :- )

    P.S: I like that you included a poll in the post… great way to engage readers.

  3. mj monaghan says:

    I plan on business as usual, but might adjust to what the flow of readership is looking like. Thought-provoking question, though.

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