The Disadvantages of Self-Hosting

So now we know what self-hosting is and the advantages of it lets have a look at the disadvantages!


I would say that most of the time you’re going to have to pay for a host for your self-hosted blog. There are free options out there, but you want to be able to trust whoever’s in charge – and be able to contact them if there’s a problem. Self-hosting costs can vary – I got a special offer for my other blog (College Student Magazine) with BlueHost and I pay just $3.95 a month. But I had to pay for that all in one go.

Ease of Use

If you’re using, or any hosted option then you simply sign up, choose your blog name and you’re away. If you’re self-hosting you have to choose a host, choose what platform you want, pay, install the platform, set up your blog how you want it and then you can start blogging. Now with some hosts this is much easier than with others, With BlueHost (the only host I’ve paid for) I had a great experience and I was up and running in about 20 minutes, but I knew what I was doing.


I’m talking here about the time you spend doing things other than writing posts and publishing, etc. You will have to update your platform and any addons yourself, possibly spend more time tweaking settings, etc. Now you can still spend quite a bit of time doing that with the hosted options (I mean, I definitely don’t… honest!) but everything is pre-optimised for you. If you use as an example then you have several addons pre-installed and set up, and some other settings are different.

Can you think of any other disadvantages?


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