Why I’m Using

First I’d like to apologise for the lack of post yesterday. You might have heard about the general strike in Belgium today – I was due to travel via Eurostar from Brussels today and had to change my travel plans at the last minute. Anyway, onto today’s post!

Anyone out there who “knows about blogging” is probably thinking something along the lines of:

“This lady is crazy, every serious blogger knows you use self-hosted WordPress to blog properly.

And the truth is I do use self-hosted WordPress, over at College Student Magazine. So why on earth am I not using it here then?

I don’t have a huge amount of money, it’s enough to live on – but I managed to get the hosting for College Student Magazine at a special offer ($3.95/month for two years). I decided that for at least the first year I would be better off using for this blog for several reasons.

Ease of use.
Everything is integrated here. I don’t need to install any plugins, find API keys, or do anything except the writing and comment moderating side of things, that for me is great, I don’t even have to update!

Social features. is almost like a social network within itself – you can follow each other’s blogs, like posts and so on. The biggest thing is it notifies the blog owner who has done what – whenever someone likes a post, follows my site or leaves a comment I always check out their blog and if I like it then follow it, comment on it, or like a post too.

You can make money here too.
You can sell things you’ve made yourself – so no Adsense or Amazon Affiliates, but if/when I create eBooks or tools I would like to sell then I will be able to as I’ve created them myself. (Sidenote: It’s advisable to contact the team directly to double check that what you want to do will be fine.)

This probably goes hand in hand with ease of use, but I like not having so many themes to choose from, not being able to play with the HTML, etc. It saves so much time. I think this blog looks professional enough for now – and if/when I move to a self-hosted Wirdpres blog then I will redesign the theme myself. But I’ve spent a lot of time working on the theme for College Student Magazine, and unfortunately it wore me out a little bit so I was fed up with the blog for a while.

So that’s why I chose for this blog. What do you use and why?


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