Amazon Affiliate Programs: A Guide

Disclaimer: I am NOT using Amazon Affiliates on this website. It is hosted on and would violate their TOS.

What is the Amazon Affiliates Program?
The Amazon Affiliates Program is an affiliate program offered by Amazon. It allows you to earn up to 15% of any product bought after someone clicks your link – not just whichever product you were linking too!

Sounds great! How can I join?
First check that your blog host allows affiliate links, so I’m afraid that if (like this blog) you’re on, you’re out of luck – no adverts or affiliate links allowed. Step 2, sign up for for your local affiliate program, and the one of your target market. Actually you can sign up for all of them, but think realistically how many you can post links to. On a book review blog (like the one I’m planning on starting, eventually!) you could realistically post a set of links at the end of each post to give readers a choice – especially if there’s more than one place (with or without affiliate programs) that you can buy the product. On the other hand if you’re doing something like “The top X products that you need” then realistically you can probably only post 2 links, having a long list looks pretty spammy (depending on how you present it). !Make sure you register your blog, your twitter profile, Facebook page, Google+ profile, etc.!

Ok, now what?
Now you wait for your acceptance email to the program and go ahead as normal – just insert affiliate links to Amazon instead of regular ones. How do you do this? Either through the dashboard or by using the site stripe.

Where can I use affiliate links?
You can use affiliate links on any website you’ve registered with amazon. After you’ve registered a site adding more is pretty easy – and you just have to add a short description. You should definitely add your Facebook Page and Twitter Feed – this way if you’re reading a great book you can let your friends/fans know

Should I mark affiliate links?
This is entirely up to you. Personally now I’ve started including affiliate links on my blog College Student Magazine I’ve just added a message to the footer saying that links to Amazon and iTunes are affiliate links to support the costs.


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