Do You Need More Than One Blog?

A blog should be about one topic. I’m not sure I’ve read that exact phrase anywhere before, but it’s certainly been implied. In Darren Rowse’s “Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income” he acknowledges that one of the reasons his first blog wasn’t so successful is that it had too many topics and very few readers were interested in all of them.

This is tied into how often you post – if you think you can post at least weekly on each subject then I would say have a blog per subject, but it entirely depends on you. For example you might have a blog who’s aim is just to keep your family informed of the day-to-day goings on in your life, in which case you should keep everything together. On the other hand my favorite hobbies are music (making of), photography (learning from an absolute beginner), knitting (pretty proficient & creative), and reading as well as writing romance novels. I can’t think of many people who would happily read a blog every day knowing that the subject might be any of them – but I might have a chance of being “successful” if I split them up and blog weekly or so.

Of course, if you’re just blogging for the sheer love of it and don’t care if people read your blog or not then do whatever you like – it is your blog!

What do you folks think? Should your blog stick to one main theme, or are you OK with several themes?


2 Comments on “Do You Need More Than One Blog?”

  1. soulcherie says:

    I understand your core argument, but as a professional journalist, I am blogging about nearly everything on my blog. People don`t know what topic they can expect on the next day, but they know that each and every article will be good and a pleasure to read.
    On the other hand this might be a reason why my blog doesn`t have a lot of constant follower but drives a lot of traffic through social media once an article is published.

    • Of course, your blog would be good exception to the rule. Some blogs work really well on this basis alone – you don’t know what you’ll get next, but you know it’ll be good. And I’m guessing it would be very hard for you to have several blogs and post on a weekly basis 😉

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