Can People Find Your Content?

Content Organisation

Image Copyright Rosemary Jayne

I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about someone who has never met you (and quite possibly/probably never will). If they visit your website can they actually see more than just the few most recent articles?

“I have a search function.” Woohoo, good for you! Seriously though, if you don’t show your reader that there is something to look for then why would they bother to look? You might as well just ditch your blog completely and post every post on an isolated webpage.

Ok, so how do you show people where your content is? Let’s assume your reader found your website through a google search, and they landed straight on a relevant article. Great! So above the article title you could have some breadcrumbs. What are breadcrumbs? They usually look something like this:
Home > Blogging > Content
Simple huh? This shows your reader that within the blogging section of your website you have a section devoted to content. So if they want to look for similar articles they just click on the ‘Content’ link.

What else can you do? Have the main categories of your blog in the menu. Sub-categories can be drop down menus below them. Finally my favourite ‘trick’ is to have related posts listed at the end of every blog post – if you can get a plug-in to do this it will save you time. The final and most obvious way of directing your reader to more content is just showing the category and tags of the blog post at the end of the post.

Go grab someone who doesn’t use your website regularly and ask them to take a look at it for you – you might be surprised at the feedback you get. You get bonus points if you show them several layouts/options to help them dive deeper and get feedback on those too!

Now, tell me, how did you do?