Blogging Pet Peeves: Spellcheck Fail

It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious blogger or not, but failure to run spellcheck on your blog post is bad. Worse still – failure to run spellcheck on your titles!

I’ve seen several blog posts that would probably have been very good this week – but as they had spelling errors in the title I decided not to read them. My day job is a teacher of English as a foreign language, I see enough spelling mistakes there and unfortunately the urge to correct is ingrained now.

It takes seconds to run spellcheck on your blog posts – copy and paste them to Word or Google Docs if your platform doesn’t have it built-in, but please, for the sanity of myself and the rest of the people on the internet, do it. If you don’t you’re implying to people that you don’t care about their impression of you and your blog, do you want that?


What are your pet peeves with blogging or mistakes that bloggers make?

Note: I understand everyone is human and the spellcheck is imperfect, if there is the odd mistake I can live with it, but having one right there in the title sets a pretty bad tone for the rest of the article, don’t you think?