Reader Question: How can I view all the comments I have left?

Image Copyright Rosemary Jayne

MJ Monaghan was freshly pressed over the weekend and, as a good blogger does, he checked out the people who commented on his site and commented back. But he ended up leaving hundreds of comments and he’d like to be able to check back on all of them. The problem is that he wants to be able to see them all – if you click on your name in the top right of there is a section that says “Comments I’ve Made”, but unfortunately for MJ this only seems to show the last 15 or so.  It’s also got some “interesting” formatting showing the comment above yours and the most recent comment which means even if there are multiple pages it could take a long time to find them all.

Can anyone help MJ and tell us where he can find a list of all the comments he left? Is there a browser addon or a script that would make it easier?

UPDATE 16/12/2011: MJ managed to solve his own problem well enough for now. If you just want to view all the comments you have left on posts on your own blog then go to the WordPress dashboard, comments and then in screen options you can change the number viewable. Unfortunately we still can’t see all the comments we’ve left on other blogs.